On & Off Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Delivery

We provide On & Off-Road diesel fuel to trucks, equipment and tanks of all sizes. We cover the entire state of Connecticut!

24 hour service: Have an emergency at night? Call Amodeo Fuel we will be there within 2 hours!!

Amodeo has been in the fuel business since 1947 and we run non-stop 24/7. Our Diesel Fuel prices are competitive and our service is unbeatable. We utilize our 650,000 gallon storage facility by having all the products we sell right at our fingertips. This enables us to have one of the fastest response times in the industry because we can just load up and GO!

Has your fuel supplier ever gone MIA during emergency situations? Well, here at Amodeo Fuel we have the capability to store the fuel we need for our customers. During fuel shortages like the one before and after Hurricane Sandy we were able to provide an uninterrupted fuel supply for ALL of our customers.

Give us a call today or Click here if you would like a quote on diesel fuel!

Services we provide:

  • Wholesale & Retail Delivery
  • Construction/On Site Fueling
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Emergency Fueling Management
  • Marine Fueling
  • Fuel Tank Service
  • Festival and Event Fueling
  • Automatic delivery
  • Commercial Diesel Storage

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